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Have you ever had a problem with a poor quality, cheap power supply? We know that a low price is a great magnet. But many of us have found out that a very low price must be followed, unfortunately, by equally low, quality. So what is the choice when original power supplies are many times more expensive?

Having once had this problem, we decided to solve it by offering good, quality, proven devices at a good price. Proven, because tested in the factory, provided with the appropriate CE and RoHS certificates. This is how the ENERON brand was created. We strive to constantly improve our devices, we learn from our mistakes.

We know how important it is to choose the right power supply. Therefore, we are at your disposal. Our advisors will be happy to answer any doubts submitted by e-mail to

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How to handle a newly purchased power supply?

First of all, when buying, make sure that it has the technical parameters of the previously used original, (check on the nameplate) or in the data of the laptop. The important parameters you should pay attention to are: output voltage (OUTPUT), e.g. 19V, and output current, e.g. 4.74A. The power of a power supply, e.g. 90W (watts), is simply the product of these two parameters (19V* 4.74A = 90.06W, rounded up to 90W.

Another important parameter for the seller, and consequently for you, is the dimensions of the laptop plug. There is a wide variety of them. If you see the mysterious-looking numbers 5.5*2.5 on the power adapter, it means that the round plug has an outer diameter of 5.5 mm and the inner hole is 2.5 mm in diameter. With other dimensions, you either won't insert it into the laptop socket or it won't properly contact and thus power it.

If you have problems with the selection, please contact 531 611 177 or - we will help ;)

How to choose a battery?

The most important part of selecting a battery is to compare its model with the one it is to replace, and to check the battery's parameters, i.e. voltage and capacity. 

All this information will be on the nameplate of the current battery or where it should be installed. 

The variety of battery models is sizable so you need to select exactly the battery that is dedicated to your laptop model. 

If you have problems with the selection, please contact 531 611 177 or - we will help ;)

Actions before connecting to the laptop:

Connect the power cord to the power supply

Connect the device to the power supply (to the contact). When doing so, make sure that the contact and the plug are undamaged.

Connect the plug to the laptop.

Remember: never disassemble the power adapter yourself. Make sure of its parameters. We are not responsible for damage caused by improper use.

My power supply is not working!

Before you file a complaint, please check the inscriptions on the label, whether you accidentally bought the wrong power supply (loose or too tight plug?), also check the condition of the plugs and the socket on the laptop (it happens here that there is no contact). If the power supply has a diode then when you plug in the power supply it should light up (usually green).

What do the CE letters on the devices mean?

(Conformité Européenne) placed on the product is a manufacturer's declaration that the labeled product meets the requirements of the so-called "New Approach" directives of the European Union. These directives relate to issues of safety of use, health protection and environmental protection, and define the risks that the manufacturer should detect and eliminate. By marking his product with the CE mark, the manufacturer declares that the product meets the requirements of all directives relating to it.

In order to mark his product with the CE mark, the manufacturer performs analyses and takes measures to meet the relevant requirements, and then subjects the product to the procedure for assessing compliance with the relevant directives. The course and results of the activities are documented by the manufacturer.

The conformity assessment procedure is carried out by the manufacturer (or his authorized representative) by carrying out a sequence of activities specified by the regulations (so-called modules, usually marked with capital letters).

What is the best delivery method to choose?

This is already a matter of taste and momentary needs. If you care about time then choose a courier service and then you will most likely receive your package the next business day (Saturday is not a business day). Delivery to a Parcel Machine takes up to 3 days (nowadays even 1-2 days), but it gives you a lot of freedom in receiving the parcel (any time of day, you choose the most conveniently located Parcel Machine, you pick up when it suits you). For Parcel Machine and courier shipments, you need to provide your cell phone number (you get a text message with information about the shipment or a pickup code) and email address.

What does the RoHS lettering on the devices mean?

(Restriction of Hazardous Substances) - EU directive Restriction of Hazardous Substances (2002/95/EC), dated 27.01.2003, implemented on 01.07.2006. The directive was transposed into Polish law by a Decree of the Minister of Economy on 27.03.2007 (Journal of Laws No. 69, item 457). The purpose of introducing the directive is to reduce the amount of hazardous substances penetrating into the environment from electrical and electronic waste. The RoHS Directive covers restrictions at the production stage on the introduction of hazardous substances in electronics, while WEEE is responsible for the proper collection and disposal of electronic products treated as waste. It was the intention of lawmakers that the directives reflect the lifespan of the products to which they apply.

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